PDO threading breasts | A perfect simple way to lift your breasts.

Women are always looking for a way to achieve an ideal body; and having a beautiful breast shape is very important for them. In some women, the breasts are sagging and hanging, which can be caused by aging either breastfeeding. Some women have large breasts and their breasts are sagging due to the heaviness of their breasts. One of the methods of lifting the breast and creating a beautiful shape in the breasts, is breast lift surgery. There are several ways to perform a breast lift surgery; Aptos threading breasts is one of these methods. Comparing aptos threading with other methods of breast lift, it is less invasive.

How do they do a breast lift with thread?

In this surgery, the surgeon first marks the desired areas. This surgery requires high precision by the surgeon, the required holes in the marked areas are in order to place the desired threads that are fully compatible with the human body, and does not cause an infection in the patient’s body. The breast lift is performed under local anesthesia and because of that, no special complications are caused after the surgery.
The incisions made to pass the thread, are very small and no scars will be left. Aptos threading your breasts is one of the best ways to lift your breasts. It is highly recommended to people who have sagging breasts and because of this problem they have a low self confidence. It is normal to see a slight swelling and bruising after breast lift surgery with threads. You can use an ice pack to reduce swelling and bruising.Aptos threading breasts

The threads used for this method have different materials, including polydioxan, poly lactioacid, PGA, polyglycolic acidSurgeons use each of these threads according to their shape, material and thickness. The threads that are mostly used in the field of beauty and lifting are of the Kagdar type, that have different shapes. Surgeon use them in breast lift surgery and also, face lift, vaginal lift and neck lift surgeries .

What are the benefits of aptos threading breast lift?

  • It is a pain free and fast method to shape your breasts nice and beautiful.
  • The recovery time is shorter than other methods and you can go to work the day after your surgery; but, you should avoid heavy lifting and doing exercise for two weeks.
  • You will immediately see the results; and it will remain for about two years.
  • In this method, the collagen production process is stimulated and the tissue flexibility of the target site is improved.
  • It simulates the process of building new blood vessels, which will improve oxygen delivery to the skin.
  • Due to the formation of new tissue, it reduces the size of the pores of the skin.
  • It stimulates fibroblasts and thus improves the volume and texture of the skin.

What are the side effects?

Bruising and postoperative pain are common side effects. According to what physicians say, a patient usually needs 25 threads per breast, and sometimes they have to manipulate the thread with the help of a 21g syringe and local anesthesia if the thread is moved. If the size of the used thread is too long, there is a possibility that it will stand out under the skin.

Who can’t apply for an aptos threading breast lift?

People with autoimmune diseases, people with hepatitis B and C, and people with HIV, pregnant women, people who are breastfeeding, people with infections, people with a history of colloid formation, people who have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of treatment, people who have a malformed body, people who have had a breast implant before, and people who have had malignant breast cancer shouldn’t apply for a thread lift.

What should you do after the surgery?

You have to wear a protective bra – sports bra is fine – for two weeks, you shouldn’t remove it even when you want to go to bed and if it was so uncomfortable for you, it is okay to wear a soft bra while you are at sleep.