Bala Better Health Pricing

Comprehensive Packages Designed for You



Forehead. 20-30 units

Glabella (11’s).  15-15 units

Crows Feet.  24-30 units

Brow lift.  One Hundred Fifty

Smoker’s Lines.  One Hundred Fifty

Facial Thinning (Masseters).  60-100 units

Platysmal Bands. 20-80 units

Facial Filler
Seven Hundred/Syringe

NasoLabial fold.  One Syringe

Marionette lines.  One Syringe

Lips.  One Syringe

Tear Troughs.  One Syringe

Chin.  One Syringe

Jawline.  Two Syringes

Non-Surgical Facial Procedures

Brow Lift.  Eighteen Hundred

Mid Face Lift.  Twenty-Four Hundred

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty.  One Thousand

Neck Rejuvination.  Eighteen Hundred

Hair Restoration

PRP  Hair Restoration.  Twenty-Two Ninety-Nine for 3 Treatments

PRP Maintence.  Six Hundred

Skin Rejuvenation


with ReVive Serum.  Eight Hundred for Three Treatments

with PRP.  Twenty-One Hundred for Three Treatments

IPL PhotoFacial.  Eight Hundred for Three Treatments

Smooth threads.  Six Hundred per area


Body Contouring

Laser Lipo

One treatment.  One Hundred Sixty-Nine

Sixteen Treatment Program.  Twenty-one Sixty-three

Deep Sculpt

Abdomen.  Sixteen Hundred for 4 Treatments

Buttocks.  Sixteen Hundred for 4 Treatments

Buttocks Fillers.  Twenty-Four Hundred per Treatment

Sexual Health

PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation.  Twelve Hundred

PRP Penile Enlargement.  Twelve Hundred

Medical Marijuana

PA Certification.  Two Hundred Fifty